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The Jumpsuit Way Jumpstart Program is a lifestyle program that focuses on creating a healthy balance between fitness and nutrition.



I began my weight loss journey in December of 2015. I lost 50 lbs and kept it off and during my journey, I fell in love with the process of taking care of myself from the inside out, which led to my passion for health and fitness. From that point, it only made sense to educate myself more and become an ACE CERTIFIED FITNESS TRAINER. During that time, I also decided it was important for me to get certified as an ACE CERTIFIED FITNESS NUTRITION SPECIALIST because as we all know our bodies can’t function well if we don’t feed it the right nutrients. In the midst of all this, I created The Jumpsuit Way to EMPOWER BOTH MEN AND WOMEN OF ALL SHAPES AND SIZES TO BE JUBILANT BY UPLIFTING, MOTIVATING AND RESTORING POSITIVE BODY IMAGES, ALL WHILE IMPROVING ON OUR HEALTH AND PHYSICAL STRENGTH. UNDERSTANDING FIRST THAT WE ARE EACH CREATED UNIQUELY, WILL THEN INSPIRE US TO BEGIN TRANSFORMING OURSELVES. looking for a black female personal trainer in Charlotte NC contact me for a free consultation.



Eat well to feel WELL: Once you realize that food is supposed to be used as fuel for our bodies and not as a reward or for gratification, you will learn to build a better relationship with FOOD. Food isn’t the BOSS of you, so it shouldn’t have that much...