Empowering Both men & women of all shapes & sizes

To be jubilant by uplifting, motivating and restoring positive body images.




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My Georgia peaches and Kings, here’s your chance to finally spring into action. The Jumpsuit Way’s first stop in 2018, is the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Let’s kick off spring 2018, the healthy way!

What’s in it for you?
– KNOW YOUR NUMBERS: Biometric screenings for Body fat%, blood pressure, BMI, weight, height measurements will be done on sight.
– You will learn how to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into your daily routine.
– 45 mins upbeat HIIT routine choreographed by your jumpsuit Trainer.
– Finally get your own Jumpsuit T-shirt.
– Win door prizes.
– Free healthy snacks and refreshments
– Network and bond with strong likeminded men and women.
– Lots of surprises in store and ultimately, Have fun!!!

Click on the link below to purchase your tickets:
Share and invite your family and friends to come along. Looking forward to seeing you all!


Sandrine (aka Your Jumpsuit Trainer)

My name is Sandrine Yongbang-Porokie (aka Your Jumpsuit Trainer) and I have experience with being overweight and obese. So, I know first-hand what it feels like to feel uncomfortable in your own skin, have little to no energy and lack motivation. Getting certified with the American Council on Exercise gave me the perfect opportunity for me to help others achieve their health, fitness and happiness goals. For the past 2 years I have mastered the art and craft of changing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (starting with myself) through proper nutrition, physical and mental fitness. I am an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer and an ACE Certified Fitness Nutritionist. So if you are looking for an affordable personal trainer in Charlotte NC contact me for a free consultation.

Make small adjustments to your daily routine and stick with them and build on them, until they become habits. Most importantly, be patient and trust the process. It will not happen overnight. It takes hardwork, self-discipline and consistency. You are capable of anything you set your mind too.”

Sandrine Yongbang-Porokie

What People Are Saying

“Sandy is one of the most highly motivated individuals I know, but more importantly, she is determined! I love


Angelique Nasah

“Sandy is an excellent trainer! She gives great feedback! She is knowledgeable and skillfully trained! I loved the fact that we could FaceTime our workouts since we lived in different states! I would recommend her to anyone!!”


Waikikita M

“Ok. When I first started working with Sandy. I have to say I doubted her strictness. The first week I didn’t quite follow her diet plan. And I still lost weight. Just a pound.”


Valerie Ngenue Vaughn

“Dear Sandy, Thanks for all you do to awaken health consciousness in our community. I have learned lifelong tips on NUTRITION and FITNESS these last 30days. Some may watch in silence,”

Nina Fombuh

Now, now, if you are in need of a personal trainer and to get this fitness and health thing on track


Noh Jua

Our Classes

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The Jumpsuit Way Lifestyle Program

This program is designed for men women aiming to improve their fitness levels and adopt lifelong healthy eating habits.



We’ve heard the phrases; “You can’t outrun a bad fork” or “Abs are made in the kitchen but maintained in the gym” or “80% diet and 20% fitness” and so forth.

Your jumpsuit trainer

Empowering women of all shapes and sizes

Empowering women of all shapes and sizes to be Jubilant, by Uplifting, Motivating and restoring Positive body images, all while improving on our health and physical Strength. Understanding first that we are each created Uniquely, will then Inspire us to begin Transforming ourselves.

Achieve Your Goals

The Jumpsuit Way


Exercise fights fatigue and boots energy. New research suggests that exercise can increase energy levels.

Strength Building

Regular exercise builds muscle strength. Muscular strength and endurance are very important for normal daily chores.

Stress Relief

Exercise produces endorphins which improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress

Relax & Refresh

Exercise and physical activities produce endorphins-chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers.

Beauty of Body

“Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin”

Mind & Soul

Exercise is an essential element of the mind-body-soul balance because it literally affects all three.


Eat well to feel WELL: Once you realize that food is supposed to be used as fuel for our bodies and not as a reward or for gratification, you will learn to build a better relationship with FOOD. Food isn’t the BOSS of you, so it shouldn’t have that much...

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Ready to Make a Change?

Make small adjustments to your daily routine and stick with them and build on them, until they become habits.

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