Thanks again for your help. The things I learned will help me greatly to achieve my goals. Progress may be slow, but I am moving in the right direction. Some days will be bad but I’ll keep pushing. God bless you abundantly as you selflessly devote yourself to changing lives. I’ll always keep you posted.

Maimouna Mongwa

When your trainer takes a break from her day hustle just to talk you off the edge!! Sandy JumpsuitQueen Yongbang is absolutely AMAZING. I don’t care what your struggle health wise is,  or your geographical location. Give my girl a try. So she can finally leave this day job behind and have more time for us. She is a gem in this healthy business. #besttrainerever.

Valerie Asobo Vaughn

I am very very satisfied with what I am getting so far. You are very humble in your coaching, inspiring and motivational. I listened a lot to your words and every single day there was a take home message. You pay attention to every one and is always prompt with your responses. I am extremely happy to be a part of this program and I am grateful to you. Thanks Coach. Keep doing what you are doing to uplift Many people. You are just awesome.

You are amazing Sandy. You do all you can, you, coach, empower, encourage and on top of that your healthy meal plans, incorporating our own food and following up on us. It is so motivating and a bonus seeing the results. I knew I had to do better as far as incorporating physical activity and doing better with my meals(balanced and portioned). I knew you would help me with that from your passion and you being proof .And I am in for lifestyle change and not just for this challenge so my kids see how important it is and incorporate nit as well. They join me and my hubby while we work out lol. Thank you so much for all you do.

I tried this kinda challenge before but was never impressed the way it was done, it was almost a set up for failure from the start. The routines were so long, no rest days, or yoga or stretch days like you have it to rest the muscles. So you give up before you even start.
Afa Che Lafon

The jumpsuit way to me is like food, it’s my second family. Cannot do without this programme. I love it and love you all my jumpsuit family. Will miss you all for this 2 weeks. Thank you so so much coach. You are the best.

You are doing a great job I love the fact that I can workout in the comfort of my home in winter and summer.

Best New Years gift i purchased for myself this year

The best coach ever who is prompt to assist with answering questions.

Drinking water before meals, after meals and throughout the day……. My biggest practical and helpful tip I learned from here to continue with. Sandy JumpsuitQueen Yongbang rocks! Thank you.

Eni Ella Nkemta

Exercise as a lifestyle and portion control was my biggest lesson ! You rock Sandy!

Linda Ngufor

I now pack my lunch to work every day in my portion control bowls with the right nutritional balance. This alone has been extremely helpful, especially with my fluctuating work schedule. Still working on eating more often during the day, up to 1200 to 1500 calories. My body is in starvation mode. Shh, I know Sandy did not read this part??. Sandy JumpsuitQueen Yongbang coach, you are awesome. Thanks for all the support and motivation. I won’t have come this far without your inspiration. Please, don’t give up on me. I’ll get there, slow, but steady.

Pamela Njikam

Staying positive was a big focus for me.
Thinking about the goal and knowing that this program works and I am no exception. 
This journey is everything. I can’t tell you how much this means. You are impacting the lives of so many…much more than you know. My son is starting to workout and is interested in what am doing to lose weight. This is life changing because you are building a community of healthy people. Families will be changed forever. Thank you sis
Ayangka Jumbam