the jumpsuit way“Sandy is one of the most highly motivated individuals I know, but more importantly, she is determined! I love her can-do spirit, and I love how she keeps me focused on what’s important during little slip-ups. The workouts are intense, but there’s always a modification! Sandy is super-flexible in terms of scheduling. I recommend her highly and without reservation. You will see and feel results! After 8 months I have only 17 lbs to reach my goal; I am stronger, healthier, and more disciplined!”

 –  Angelique Nasah


“Sandy is an excellent trainer! She gives great feedback! She is knowledgeable and skillfully trained! I loved the fact that we could FaceTime our workouts since we lived in different states! I would recommend her to anyone!!”

– Waikikita M G Tilley


“Ok. When I first started working with Sandy. I have to say I doubted her strictness. The first week I didn’t quite follow her diet plan. And I still lost weight. Just a pound. I was excited about it, but Sandy says: Val, you can do better. Did you eat right??
So the next week I set out to prove her wrong. I followed the diet plan to the T. hoping that I would only lose another single pound and prove to her that the dieting was not all that!!
Well to my disappointment I lost 2 pounds the 2nd week. Even though I only worked out 3 days that week. So here I am with my tail between my legs bowing down to her method. It works.
#teamjumpsuitway. Going for a year.”

– Valerie Ngenue Vaughn


“This lady will go above and beyond to help you develop a new way of looking at what you eat and how you exercise. She is bent on client success and long term goals . I was extremely satisfied with her services and will retain her over n over again in a heartbeat ! You will not regret your decision to retain her ! Just go for it ”

– Liz Ngum


“Sandy is patient, kind, EDUCATED, and motivating. She helped me create a diet plan that was easy to follow and worked for my busy mom-work-travel schedule and helped me stay motivated on my exercise regimen even from miles away. LOVE HER!!!”

– Sido Nups


“Dear Sandy, Thanks for all you do to awaken health consciousness in our community. I have learned lifelong tips on NUTRITION and FITNESS these last 30days. Some may watch in silence, some may participate and some may not….but I want to shout it out.
You are AWESOME! You are AMAZING! I appreciate you! I believe you have the charism (spiritual gift) of ENCOURAGEMENT.  I think most will agree!
Keep listening and accepting this call God has placed on your heart. May He continue to use you to save us all.
Love you
Nina Fombuh


Now, now, if you are in need of a personal trainer and to get this fitness and health thing on track, then this is your girl. Sandy is always willing to share her story on how she went from obesity to building more muscle strength than fat. She will guide or every step of the way and you will be amazed at how easy you can make the needed changes to start living a healthy life. It is no wonder she is the jumpsuit queen. Thank you Sandy for using today to celebrate the woman, promote women’s health and most importantly kidney health. You keep inspiring me Sis
Noh Jua


-Lilo Uzoigwe (facebook 5 stars)